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09.06.2007 23:50

“Story of the season”

Jordi Clos

The Barça players, clearly disappointed, lament the way in which the leadership escaped them.

Xavi Hernandez appeared affected at the end of the game: “it’s the story of our season. We’ve let it slip away from us. If we don’t win the Liga, we will only have ourselves to blame”. For Xavi, “it’s a step back, now the title fight is very difficult. We had many chances, but football can be cruel like this.” The man from Terrassa could not find words to describe what happened in the last minute: “It’s been a real shame. We had it all going our way until the last minute, then we lost it all and we can’t understand why”. Xavi, who has experienced one of the most difficult nights in recent years, recognizes that “Madrid are in control of what happens.”

Carles Puyol

“It’s a difficult day to get over, we’ve let a great opportunity to pass us by”

“It’s difficult to explain what happened. We hoped not to concede a goal in the last minute”

“The Liga is not lost in one game, we’ve been irregular. We now have to win against Nastic”

“Mallorca are not an easy team. They created many problems when they came here.”

Gianluca Zambrotta

“We’re not happy because it was a real chance to be top”

“Now we are only thinking about victory in Tarragona. We can’t lose hope”

“We haven’t had luck in the final minutes thois season.”
“Story of the season”
Laporta: “We have to fight to the end”
“It’s tough, but we have to look forward. We still have a chance”. President Joan Laporta, like all Barcelonistas, felt shocked at what happened in the last minute. However, he has declared his optimism in Mallorca’s chances in the Bernabeu: “There’s still one game left, we have to fight to the end”.

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