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07.06.2007 12:12

Samuel Eto'o top scorer against Espanyol

Berta Brau

Eto'o has scored more goals against Espanyol than any other member of the current Barša squad. He heads this particular ranking with five goals in eight seasons, followed by Xavi, Ronaldinho, and Saviola, all with three.

Before signing for FC Barcelona, Eto'o was already an unwelcome sight for the Espanyol goalkeepers, scoring four goals in five seasons for Mallorca. In fact, his first goal for Mallorca was in the 1-3 win against Espanyol in the 1999-2000 season. He scored three more goals against Espanyol in the following three seasons, including one in the 2000-01 season that gave Mallorca a 3-2 win.

One goal with Barša

07-01-06_Etoo_02.jpgHis goals against Espanyol temporarily dried up during his last season with Mallorca and up to last season, when he scored in Barša’s 1-2 away win. The goal came in the first minute of the second half and put Barša on the road to victory. Barša also won the match in the Camp Nou by 2-0 but Eto’o did not score on this occasion. He missed the first derby this season, which Barša lost 3-1, due to a serious injury.

Other derby goal scorers

Apart from Samuel Eto'o, Xavi, Ronaldinho and Saviola have also been in the goals against Espanyol with three each.

Xavi has scored in three different derbies, all of them in the Camp Nou, and significantly Barša have always gone on to win.

Ronaldinho_accix_fcb_-_espanyol_2-5-04.jpgRonaldinho scored the equaliser in both derbies during the 2003-2004 season. In both matches, Barša also went on to win: 4-1 in the Camp Nou and 1-3 in Montju´c. He also scored Barša’s second in last season’s Camp Nou clash, a match Barša eventually won 2-0.

Saviola_accix_fcb_-_espanyol_2-5-04.jpgAs for Saviola, he’s the only current Barša player to have scored two goals in a single match against Espanyol, in the 4-1 victory in the 2003-2004 season. He also scored Barša’s only goal in the 3-1 defeat in Montju´c earlier in the season.
Samuel Eto'o top scorer against Espanyol

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