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03.06.2007 16:10

Neeskens: “We will be the champions”

Sandra Sarmiento

In the second part of the interview, Rijkaard's assistent talks about his own future and how he sees the end of the League season panning out.

Do you understand what motivates the Espanyol players?

“It is normal that their is great rivalry in a derby. If last season, when I was not here, the Espanyol players heard the supporters singing ‘to the Second Division’ then it is obvious it will be in their minds. If I was a player and 100,000 people were chanting that at me then I would say the same and I would also want go out in the next game and give 120 per cent to win. We know what we will have to do ourselves because they will be going all out to beat us.”

Will the next round of games decide the league?

“About five or six weeks ago I said that we would win the league against Espanyol and I still believe that. I think that Real Zaragoza will beat Real Madrid, Real Mallorca will draw with Sevilla and we will defeat Espanyol 2-0. I am convinced that we will be the champions.”

On a personal level, how has your first year gone?

“I am very pleased. I came here wanting to win trophies and I hope we can take the title. One always wants things to go well for yourself and the team. I had hoped we could win more. On a personal note I am pleased with the job I have done. Anyway, who is to say whether I am doing my job well or everyone else is.”

Does it bother you that you are compared to Henk ten Cate?

“No. Everyone has his own qualities. Henk was a great coach. He did great work at Barcelona and I knew him before as well during his first spell in Holland. Everyone has his own way of doing things. You do not have to tell Henk ten Cate that he is a good coach because he should know that. It appears that some say that I mind it and some I do not. I think it depends on who says these things, where they are said and the reasons behind them. For me, i have do mind being compared to him. Henk is Henk and I am myself.”

Neeskens: “We will be the champions”

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Is your future dependent on Rijkaard?
“Frank is the one that asked me to come of Barcelona and I was delighted. He told me that he had a contract until 2009 and asked if I wanted to sign for that long too. You never know what will happen in football. These things rarely depend on yourself because they are rarely in your hands. My future does not depend on Frank’s either.”

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