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27.04.2007 14:22

Deco wants to win all the remaining games

Roger Bogunyà

FC Barcelona midfielder Deco knows that his team has made mistakes in the last few matches. That is why the Portuguese international believes that Barça must win their remaining league games.

There are 21 points in play, that’s seven games between now and the end of the league. Deco believes that Barça has to win them all after loosing in their last two away fixtures. The Barça number 20 said that despite the defeats, Barça is still in control of their own destiny and explained, “if we loose the league it will be because we’ve failed”.

Match by match

To achieve the objective of winning all seven games Deco believes the best approach is to take things “games by game”: “We can’t be making calculations now”. The midfielder acknowledged that the situation is more complicated than previously, “Before we could make mistakes but now we can’t make any, but we still depend on ourselves and we mustn’t slip up any more”.

Saviola, loved and free

Another topic discussed at Friday’s press conference was that of the possible departure of Javier Saviola to Real Madrid. Barça’s number 20 said it “could happen”, even though Saviola is “very much loved by people at the club but it would be difficult for them to accept him leaving for Real Madrid”. Deco described Saviola as
“an important player who has played an crucial role in the team’s success”.

The Cup final

Asked about the cup final, Deco replied “we first have to play the second leg with Getafe, they are a team that scores plenty of goals, alluding to the 5-2 scoreline in the first leg at the Camp Nou. Therefore Deco declared, “we cannot think about the final just yet”.
Deco wants to win all the remaining games
Rijkaard, normal
Questioned about the talk given by Frank Rijkaard during Monday’s training session before heading to Egypt, Deco explained “it’s normal that a coach talks to his players when things don’t go to plan”. The midfielder believes that the press place too much importance on things that happen at Barça’s training sessions “as if it was something out of the ordinary”.

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