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26.04.2007 12:11

Thursday training in the Miniestadi

Aleix Santacana/Míriam Nadal/Sergi Nogueras

The players trained on Thursday morning in the Miniestadi in preparation for Sunday’s league match. Apart from the trio of injured Brazilians, Sylvinho was also absent due to a stomach bug.

The players were back to their normal training routine on Thursday after their trip across the Mediterranean to Cairo. Rijkaard put his squad through their paces in the Miniestadi with the emphasis very much on work with the football. Meanwhile, Club doctors visited Sylvinho at his home and recommended him to rest in order to get over a case of gastroenteritis.

Injured threesome

Motta, Edmilson, Belletti are all continuing with their recuperation programmes and as such did not join in the activities with the rest of the players. Belletti exercised at the nearby facilities of La Masia while Motta and Edmílson worked out in the gym.

From ball control to sprinting

QM3D1637.jpgThe initial ball control exercises were followed by exercises to practice possession and putting the opponent under pressure. These were carried out in limited spaces in groups of four. The session finished off with circuit training with the emphasis on bursts of sprinting.

Extra work for the keepers

QM3D1787.jpgAfter the session had ended for the outfield players, Jorquera and Valdés continued working with goalkeeping coach Juan Carlos Unzué. A number of players, including Ronaldinho and Gudjohnsen, took the opportunity to stay on the pitch of the Miniestadi to practise long passes while Thuram continued working with the ball on his own.
Thursday training in the Miniestadi
Enthusiastic support

The training session was followed with great excitement by about a hundred fans, most of them children. Their enthusiasm was rewarded by the capture of a number of highly prized autographs.

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