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20.04.2007 15:46

Saviola and his future

Argentine striker, Javier Saviola, finds himself in the same situation as that at the start of the season. His contract ends on June 30 and there has still yet to receive any offers from the club.

At lunchtime today, Saviola held a press conference , where his words, though few, were clear: “I’ve still yet to receive an offer from the club and therefore I have to think of my future, my happiness and what’s best for me”. Regarding his future, the former River Plate player said: “I have offers; some important ones, however, I’m not going to discuss them while I’m a player for FC Barcelona”.


Saviola indicated that: “I’m not worried. In January I was, but with the dynamic of things at the moment regarding my immediate future, I’m calm. I don’t want to say I will be here next year, but I also don’t want to say I’m leaving at the end of the season”.

Coach’s support

Savioal has declared that “the boss has said he would like me to stay, but nobody has followed this up with anything. I value what I think I deserve and – he’s insisted – that I look at my future thinking that I won’t be here next season. In this moment, I’m opening all doors to all possibilities; including those of Barça, but there has been no word regarding renewing my contract”.

Messi’s goal

Saviola also spoke of his fellow countryman’s spectacular goal: “I’m happy for him. For those who like football, Messi gave us all something to smile about with his goal on Wednesday. It was a great goal, and also, very similar to that of Maradona’s in the 1986 World Cup”.
Saviola and his future

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La Copa America
The end of June sees the start of the Copa America. Saviola wants to play in the final of the Copa del Rey if Barça make it to the final, despite being up for selection for the national squad. “As there’s no list yet, they can’t say anything. I haven’t spoken to the National coach yet, but I’m hopeful of being able to stay in order to play in the final”.

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