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15.04.2007 22:15

Rijkaard praises attitude

Frank Rijkaard felt especially proud of “the attitude” which his players demonstrated against Mallorca. According to the coach “We’ve achieved three valuable points thanks to the mentality of the team”.

Attitude. This has been the most repeated word said by the coach at the press conference. And according to the Dutch coach: “we’ve won three points thanks to the attitude of the group in fighting until the end”. Three vital points, to help Barça’s aspirations in winning a third consecutive Liga title”.

The importance of the three points

Remembering the loss to Zaragoza last weekend, Rijkaard said “the players demonstrated how to react following a loss”. “In this sense, we’ve won three important points from a morale point of view”.

Mallorca’s play

It is clear that “Barça have played better games”, however, Rijkaard wanted to say that “we were playing against a team which gets results away from home”. “It’s true it hasn’t been the best game and the rhythm was slow, however, you have to take into account that we were playing against a very organised team” explained the coach.

Praise for the group

Rijkaard praised many aspects of his team’s display. With Messi, the Barça coach highlighted how “he played quick football down both flanks”. As for Eto’o “he played well and supported the players around him”, while Deco “did the simple things perfectly. I saw a great Deco today”.

Rijkaard also spoke of the substitutes of Saviola, Xavi and Belletti who came on in difficult circumstances: “they changed the game. They came on and did exactly what they had to do”. In Saviola’s case, he was key in causing Fernando Navarro to deflect the ball into his own net. Rijkaard commented that the number ‘22’ was, born to score”.
Rijkaard praises attitude
Valdes’ Crucial Penalty Save
Without doubt, one of the most important actions in the game against Mallorca on Sunday was the penalty save by Victor Valdes. Frank Rijkaard highlighted the save from Jonas’ spot kick: “Valdes was very determined in this game. His actions helped the team enormously”.

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