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06.04.2007 17:10

One of the league’s quality outfits

La Romareda is one of the hardest grounds to visit in the Spanish first division, and Zaragoza have a wealth of talented players at their disposal.

Of the teams that Barça still have to face this season, Víctor Fernández’s side is probably the trickiest.

Zaragoza have a system that they like to stick to. They play with a straight back four and use zone marking. In midfield, Víctor Fernández likes to play two contrasting players alongside each other, generally Zapater in a more defensive role and Movilla or ex-Barcelona player Albert Celades serving more creative functions.

A midfield with character

Zaragoza’s midfield features a number of wingers that tend to play more central roles than would normally be expected of a team using a 4-4-2 system. The wing play is instead considered the responsibility of the full backs, which has helped make Zaragoza one of the most attacking teams in the Spanish top flight.

One of the strongest attacks in Spain

The real strength of Víctor Fernández’s squad is up front, where the three main strikers are both highly mobile and natural goalscorers. Milito, former Barcelona man Sergio García, and Ewerthon all have the right instinct in front of goal and can create headaches for any defence. The way they use the wings makes Barça’s strike force especially unpredictable coming forward.
One of the league’s quality outfits
Unbeaten in four months at La Romareda
Zaragoza are strong at La Romareda and have not lost at home for four months in league matches. Their last home defeat in La Liga was back on December 16 when they went down to Valencia 1-0. They are also the third highest scoring team in the competition, with 42 goals in their account, which is fewer than only Sevilla and Barcelona.

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