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Josep Vendrell (1943-1946)

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Josep Vendrell (1943-1946)

The twenty-sixth chairman in Barcelona’s history was Josep Vendrell, an army colonel who fought on Franco’s side in the Civil War and at the time was the Government Delegate for Public Order in La Coruña.

Vendrell was appointed by the government as the right person for a post which they wanted to see held by people linked to Franco’s regime.

During his term of office, which began on 22 September 1943, good relations with the regime’s federation and sports bodies, which had deteriorated after the Chamartín scandal, were restored.

In general, Vendrell’s time as chairman was positive as the club reached 22,000 members and the Les Corts ground was extended. In addition Barça won its second League title (44-45) and the Gold Cup.

After three years at the helm of the club, Josep Vendrell left his post on 20 September 1946.

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