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21.10.2010 19:01


In recent weeks a number of invented interviews with the club’s players have appeared in the Daily Star and the Daily Star Sunday. FC Barcelona wish to make it known that none of these interviews are attributable to the players therein cited and also to explain to our supporters throughout the world that the information and declarations made in these articles are totally and absolutely false.

FC Barcelona has officially sent the media outlets concerned a formal complaint and warned them that it will not allow any further situations like this to be repeated. Should this happen, the club will not hesitate to act in defence of its own image and the honour of its players.

This club has worked closely with the media and will continue to do so, as we believe it to be a very important part of the spreading of information about sport and in particular about football.

The willingness to work openly and with transparency forms part of our basic working philosophy. To this end, the club has its own official channels of communications which every day provide news of the club’s activities and also provide ideal communication channels whereby the players and other club staff can make contact with the members and fans and get their messages across.

We remind you that our official channels are:
Barça TV
The newspaper 'Barça Camp Nou'
The magazine 'Barça'

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