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05.07.2010 11:01

Amor: the maestro of the Masia

Sandra Sarmiento

The new technical director of youth football has dedicated much of his life to Barça. He entered the Masia youth academy at the age of 12 and was an example to many young players. He’s also one of Guardiola’s footballing idols.

In his book “My people, my football”, Guardiola writes about Amor. "If Barça is anyone’s home, it’s yours”. Both of them grew up together in the Masia and Amor made his first team debut in 1988 – Guardiola two years later. They last played together during Van Gaal’s first league-winning season and now twelve years later they’re working together again to give a new dimension to the Masia. Here are a few more extracts about Amor from Guardiola’s book.

Amor, the example to follow

"I remember you for what you gave me without meaning to. From the very first day it was enough for me simply to watch you. To choose you as an example and as a mirror to see myself in”. When Guardiola entered the Masia, on 4th September 1984, Amor was already there. “You were my idol. An idol in flesh and blood. Real. Tangible. Authentic”.

Amor’s football

"I not only followed every match but also the training sessions and I focussed on your attitude because you went into them as if your life was at stake. The way you moved, the way you encouraged your team-mates, the way you asked for the ball, the way you listened, the way you respected others and made them respect you”.

Amor shows the way

In 1979, the Masia became residential. “All of us who entered the Masia after you know that you showed how it had to be done. Those of us who made it and those that couldn’t. We all know who gave us the best lessons. Whether you meant to or not, you were a great maestro”. Sergi, De la Peña, Puyol, Xavi, Reina, Víctor Valdés and Leo Messi and many others have all followed in his footsteps.
Amor: the maestro of the Masia

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Oviedo, their last match
The last time Guardiola and Amor played together for Barça was on 22nd November 1997. The team managed by Van Gaal lost 1-0 away to Oviedo. That year Amor was a regular substitute and Guardiola was plagued by injuries that forced him out of the team for long stretches.

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