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01.07.2010 19:06

Antoni Rossich named new director general


Sandro Rosell’s new board of directors has announced that Antoni Rossich i Terme has been named as the new director general of FC Barcelona.

Rossich i Terme was born on February 7, 1951 and is licensed in Economic Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He will take over the role vacated by Joan Oliver.

Track record

For the past 15 years Rossich i Terme has worked for the international division of Grup Planeta. Beforehand he worked in the same role for Espasa Calpe in Madrid and also has experience as the director general of Editorial Planeta Argentina and Editorial Planeta Mexico.

Before stepping into the publishing world he was employed by Grup Agrolimen as the marketing director and then as the councillor delegate for an arm of the same company in China.

Moving into communication Rossich i Terme was part of the Grup Havas as he was the CEO of Media Planning Worldwide and then as CEO of the North American Division in New York.
Antoni Rossich named new director general
Olympic role
Rossich i Terme also played a role at the Summer Olympic Games that were held in Barcelona in 1992 as he was on the Organising Committee as the Director of the Commerical Division and was a director of the Itinerary of the Olympic Torch.

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