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01.07.2010 13:11

The cream of Barcelonismo


The lawn in front of La Masia was the epicentre of Barcelonismo on Thursday as Culés from all walks of life attended the inauguration of Sandro Rosell as the club's 39th president.

Coaches, former directors, players, staff and candidates all joined together in an act of pure solidarity to welcome in the new Blaugrana supremo as he was sworn in after succeeding Joan Laporta. Hugs and greetings have been the order of the day as old friends met up under the blazing Catalan sunshine.

Coach party

2010-07-01_ACTO_INVESTIDURA_SANDRO_ROSELL_024.jpgCurrent Barça coach Pep Guardiola drew the most attention as he arrived at the event accompanied by Manel Estiarte. Trainers of the club's other professional sports teams were also there as Xavi Pascual, Ferran Pujalte and Marc Carmona were joined by the technical secretaries.

Cruyff jets in

FC Barcelona's president of honour Johan Cruyff flew in from the World Cup Finals in South Africa and was present and he greeted Rosell and spoke to former president Laporta, Reyna, Gaspart, Montal and Carrasco. The only former president who was not president was Josep Lluís Nuñez.

VIP guests

Rosell's rivals for the presidency were also there as Agustí Benedito, Marc Ingla and Jaume Ferrer put aside any differences to welcome the new leader. On a club level also present were Esport secretary general Anna Pruna, the Ayuntamiento's sporting delegate and former Generalitat president Pascual Maragall. On Friday Rosell will visit the Palau de la Generalitat and the Ayuntamiento.

Clubs from La Primera have also been represented as Real Zaragoza president Agapito Iglesisas joined Racing Santander supremo Francisco Pernía at the event.
The cream of Barcelonismo
Number one
The voice of Camp Nou, Manel Vic, conducted the inauguration that was attended by the club's member number one Jaume Descals and also the most recent new member Abril Minguell, who holds number 184,116. Sandro Rosell was keen to emphasise the importance of the pair and the significance they have on how vital his work will be.

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