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FCBCampus are up and running

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20.06.2011 15:52

FCBCampus are up and running

FCBEscola has organised a series of camps in Spain, where children can be trained as footballers and as people.

FCBCampus are up and running

The aim of the Campus is to pass on the spirit and values of the Club and it is open to children born between 1996 and 2004. There are a total of seven FCBCampus distributed throughout Spain which aim to train players in technique, tactics, physical fitness and psychological awareness in order to help them internalise the values of the Club in the most enjoyable way possible.

Youngster can board at the FCBarcelona Campus or come along as day pupils, however there is a limit of 150 places in order to maintain the quality of the FCBEscola. for each Campus. There is discount for Club or supporters club members applied to most camps, and price includes all activities at the Campus.

DSC_1461.JPGEach campus will be backed by a member, or ex-member of the first team. Youngsters can come along and learn the work programme used with the young teams at the Club which has proved to be so successful. 

Working with the Penyes

In order to ensure the success of the project, given that this is the first time the Club has set up the Campus throughout Spain, the Club will be counting on the support of the various Supporters clubs around the country. 

The "Penyes" represent the pride of the Club, its values, the way it behave sand everything that has made it the best Club in the world. What is more, the "Penyes" give a structure to Barcelona’s voice in the world. Under the supervision of the FCBEscola, the “Penyes” will help to make real the dreams of so many youngsters who wish to learn the methods and philosophy of our Club.

Campus, dates and signing up

Below are the dates of the campuses.

•Mallorca- Calvià - from 27 June to 16 July (various shifts)
Sports Director: Josep Serer

• Tenerife- Garachico - from 3 to 16 July (various shifts)
Sports Director: Josep Moratalla

• Gran Canaria- Maspalomas – from 24 to 30 June
Sports Director: Gerardo Miranda

•Asturies-Candás - from 4 to 9 July
Sports Director: Abelardo Fernandez

•La Mancha-Quintanar de la Orden - from 4 to 9 July
Sports Director: Jordi Vinyals

•Galícia-Fornelos de Montes - from 18 to 23 July
Sports Director: Josep Moratalla

•Alacant-La Nucia - from 25 to 30 July
Sports Directors: Josep Moratalla and Josep Serer

To sign up please click HERE.

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