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Audience success for Barça TV and Club website

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30.05.2011 17:05

Audience success for Barça TV and Club website

Barça TV enjoyed a record 2.5% audience share on Sunday, the day after the Champions League title was won. Over the whole weekend, the Club website received 1.900.000 visits.

Audience success for Barça TV and Club website

Dídac Lee expresses satisfaction
The Club’s Director for the Technology Area, Dídac Lee, expressed his satisfaction with the increase in the numbers of fans connecting to the Club via the different social networks: “in the last six months, we have doubled the number of fans on Facebook and we are now nearly 16 million. On Twitter, we are the sporting entity with the largest number of followers in the world and we have multiplied traffic on the Club’s website fourfold. The Club generates admiration around the world and everybody wants to be a friend of Barça”.
Barça TV proved to be immensely popular with fans wishing to watch the celebrations for the Wembley win on Sunday and the channel hit its largest audience share figures of the year with 2.5% The high point of viewers came with the broadcast from five o’clock of the procession through the city and the players’ reception at the Camp Nou around nine o’clock, when figures hit 169.000 –a 3.8% audience share, as the squad appeared at the stadium.

Celebrations seen all over the globe

The programme dedicated to the celebrations was also available via the Club website and 229.046 visitors from 180 different countries saw the players take the European Cup through the streets of the city and then present the trophy to the fans at the Camp Nou. The biggest audience was in Spain, with the USA, Poland, Greece and Colombia following that.

Website popularity grows

The Club website was also busy this weekend, with a total of 1.900.000 visitors over the weekend –more than half a million more than for the Spanish Cup final.

The website created a special micro site specifically dedicated to the Wembley final, which also included information coming in from the social networks. This space was visited by 1.708.471 visitors over the last few days from 167 countries. The majority of visitors came from Spain (416.000), but there were also large numbers from the USA, (198,000) and the UK (120.000). Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular as a way to visit the site and represented 8% of all hits.

Facebook and Twitter growing

The social networks also saw a big increase in traffic, with the Club’s official Facebook page seeing its biggest ever growth in a single night with 247, 688 people clicking the “like” button.

The three official Club Twitter accounts –in Catalan, Spanish and English , continue to grow and now boast 2.206.532 followers, well ahead of the second European Club, Real Madrid, with 1.788.724.

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