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Barça displacement to Wembley under way

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27.05.2011 12:36

Barça displacement to Wembley under way

Although the game doesn’t kick off until Saturday, many fans are already on the move. Seven coaches and three aeroplanes run by FCB Viatges have already set off for London. But most supporters, over 8,000, will be flying out on Saturday.

Barça displacement to Wembley under way

Airport bus for Sunday morning arrivals
In order to help fans arriving on flights arriving at terminals T1 and T2 during the early hours on Sunday morning, the Aerobus service connecting Barcelona Airport with the city centre will be opening at special times to offer a transfer service. At T1 the service will start at 3.55 and at T2 at 4.00, which is the when the first flights are due to arrive. The buses will leave every 20 minutes and the trip will cost 5.30 euros or 9.15 euros depending on whether travelling one way or return.
Many fans have preferred to set out early and make the most of weekend by enjoying some sightseeing in the British capital, and trips arranged by the club’s own agent, FCB Viatges, are especially popular. Nevertheless, most fans will fly out on the day of the match as they seek to give the team the support they need on their re-conquest of Wembley.

Barça’s European weekend

Seven coaches have set off this morning from the Camp Nou forecourt on a 20 hour journey. They are expected to arrive at Wembley Stadium on Saturday around lunchtime.

Meanwhile, almost 770 fans flew to London on Friday in three planes managed by FCB Viatges. These fans will return on Sunday after spending the weekend in London.

Most fans fly on Saturday

Most of the trips won’t start until the morning of the match, with 8,000 people on 33 flights organised by FCB Viatges, one of which is leaving from Girona. These fans will return to Barcelona or Girona straight after the match. 00.25 is the time when the flights are scheduled to depart.

A00.jpgFCB presence at UEFA Champions Festival

Hyde Park has been the venue since last Saturday for the Champions Festival. Football matches, clinics, leisure activities and exhibitions will fill the hours in the build-up to the final. Barça fans can visit up until 17.00 on Saturday, although many have already been there to enjoy the different entertainments on offer.

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