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Send us your memories of Wembley 92

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06.05.2011 11:06

Send us your memories of Wembley 92

Photos, videos and all kinds of graphic material will serve to illustrate the collective memory of FC Barcelona on the1st European Cup title in the club’s history. The best material will be published via the Barça media.

Send us your memories of Wembley 92

Leaders in Social Networks
It’s worth remembering that Barça remains a world leader in social networking, with more than 14 million fans on Facebook, more than Manchester United, and almost 1.9 million followers on Twitter via its three main channels: @fcbarcelona_cat, @fcbarcelona_es and @fcbarcelona.

We would like members and fans to show us how they lived the match between FC Barcelona and Sampdoria on 20th of May 1992 at Wembley Stadium. We would like to count on photos, videos, and graphic material to illustrate our collective memory of FC Barcelona's first European Cup title.

19 years later we are returning to the British capital with the illusion of that historic event that we would like to remember via all sorts of details. For this reason we are preparing a special series where we’ll publish the best material sent from Barça fans from around the world.

How can you participate? E-mail and #wembleyFCB

Those club members and fans who want to participate will be able to send their material via e-mail to or through Twitter, tagging your images with the hashtag #wembleyFCB . Following the promotion of tags like #pep40, #animsabidal, and #copaFCB, Barça still wishes to use the full potential of social networks to engage all Barcelona followers for the May 28th final against Manchester United, expected to be historic, just like it was in 1992.

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