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26.11.2009 14:02

Barça against child AIDS


Víctor Valdés, Dani Alves, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Seydou Keita and Andrés Iniesta have all participated in a commercial to highlight the campaign against AIDS in children that is being run by the club's Fundación and Unicef.

AIDS also affects children' is the name of the campaign that will start on Sunday and hopes to spread the message about the young ones around the world that are affected by the virus.

Barça stars

ibra.JPGThe five Barça stars gave their time to the initiative by appearing in an advert, produced by Barça TV, as they meet the teddy bear Dubu, who is the protagonist of the campaign.

Stunning statistics

dubu.jpgThe bear carries the word AIDS across his chest and represents the 2.6 million children that currently live with the HIV virus as well as all those that have died from it. The video shows some stunning data such as the fact that there are 15 million orphans due to AIDS and a child dies every minute from it around the world.
Barça against child AIDS
New website
The official webpage of the campaign, www.dubucontrasida.org, will start on Sunday and will inform everyone, particularly children, about the disease and how supporting Dubu can help find a cure. The campaign will also be present on the streets of Barcelona where balloons given away by Dubu as he gives out information on the problem. The Barça first team will also lead out children that have Dubu on their t-shirts as well as donning their own shirts with a message that will simply read 'Stop Child AIDS'.

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