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08.10.2009 14:15

Pep: "Welcome to the stadium"

Roger Bogunyà

The coaches of Barça’s basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal professional sports sections were welcomed to the Camp Nou by football head coach Pep Guardiola on Tuesday.

At about 5.30 pm, Xavier Pascual (basketball), Xavier Pascual (handball), Ferran Pujalte and Marc Carmona crossed the road from the Palau to the Camp Nou. Waiting for them was Josep Guardiola, who welcomed them to the stadium. The five coaches then spent some time touring the Camp Nou and exchanging views about the state of the Club.

Guardiola asks for Palau season ticket

2009-10-06_ENTRENADORES_CLUB_24.JPGJosep Guardiola broke the ice (despite the media scrum he was the most at ease) by asking his counterparts for a season ticket to the Palau and explaining that, last year, he only saw the first game of the ACB league title playoffs against Barça-TAU, which ended in a clear defeat for Barça. Pascual told him: “You have to come to an easier game to redress the balance”. His namesake in charge of the handball team added. “I hope you didn’t come to the Ciudad Real game". They’re superstitious.

Ball and stick

On the prompting of the photographers, the coaches strolled around the pitch and then towards the centre circle. They were then handed the tools of their trades - four balls and a stick – and tried their hands at one of the other sports.

Guardiola showed off his basketball skills much to the delight of the Regal Barça head coach. Carmona suggested: “We could have a game of basketball” to which the reigning ACB champion replied: “I play everything except my own sport”.

The unfamiliar Camp Nou

2009-10-06_ENTRENADORES_CLUB_34.JPGThe tour continued with just a few tourists as privileged spectators until they reached the area of the benches.

Seated on the benches, Guardiola demonstrated that very little can be seen from that part of the pitch. The view from the coach’s bench in the Palau is quite different as the area is practically on the court. The Camp Nou, however, is much bigger and the area is convex shaped.

Inside the stadium

2009-10-06_ENTRENADORES_CLUB_51.JPGThe tour finished inside the Camp Nou with the dressing rooms, the ticket offices and the gym. They discussed the swimming pool and Guardiola explained the changes that have taken place since he was a player.

Regal Barça had a training session at 6.30 pm so the meeting had to end and the four visitors headed back to the Palau. Guardiola told them: “Come back whenever you want. This is your home”. An historic photo: they’re all products of Barça.
Photos: Miguel Ruiz - FCB
Photos: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

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First time in the dressing rooms
None of the four coaches had seen the football dressing rooms before. Now they can say that they have been where the football stars spend the minutes prior to matches.

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