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07.10.2009 13:32

“How right we were with the XICS in Ecuador!”

Marc Parramon (enviat especial)

The Ecuador XICS centre has been opened in Manabi, one of the most important events to have taken place in the centre of the country in recent years. Joan Laporta was delighted with everything.

“How right we were to come to Ecuador, when I return to Barcelona, I will explain what a success it has been because you are such welcoming people”, said President Joan Laporta to the beneficiaries of the new XICS centre inaugurated in Manabi, Ecuador. More than 600 people have already experienced this new support centre for children at risk in this central province of the country.

The opening began at 17.00 local time after the Barça entourage were taken on a tour of the area by car, passing under a huge sign welcoming them to the zone.

The unveiling of a plaque, and a tour of the classrooms and other facilities were the first items on the agenda for the FCB representatives in Manabi. Then about 600 people gathered in the sports court to listen to the different speeches and enjoy the opening party.

Clip_teles_Equador.jpgSome of the beneficiaries performed a traditional Ecuadorian dance, ‘La tejedora manebita’, all wearing typical ‘Montecristi’ berets made of ‘toquilla’ straw.

President Laporta spoke to the children from Manabi about how much they needed to make the most of this centre. “You must go to the XICS with enthusiasm, and do your homework. Life is short, but knowledge lasts long”.

The director general of the Foundation, Marta Segú, was also impressed by the inauguration. "Today has been an unforgettable day for us, for all the beneficiaries and the mothers that have shown such enthusiasm for this event” she said.

Keys to the city for Laporta

The Portoviejo Mayor offered the keys of the city to president Laporta, and said that in his last election campaign he had used the same slogan as Laporta in 2003. "First, Manabí".
“How right we were with the XICS in Ecuador!”
Catalan features too
Joseba Lazcano, national director of Fe y Alegría, gave his speech in Catalan, something that was heartily welcomed by the president and the Barça representatives.

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