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06.10.2009 11:19

Open two XICS centres in Mexico


The Fundación del FC Barcelona and Rafa Márquez's own Fútbol y Corazón foundation has opened two XICS centres in Mexico in the towns of El Salto and Tonalá which will serve 400 children in vulnerable situations.

President heads Barca party

As well as Rafa Márquez, the opening acts were attended by club President Joan Laporta, Corporate Director Joan Oliver and the Director General of the Fundació FC Barcelona, Marta Segú, as well as the Diredtor General of the Fundación Rafa Márquez.

400 children

_MG_9045.JPGEach of the two centres will help 200 children between 4 and 15 years old who are considered to be in situations of social vulnerability and will receive Psychosocial,nutritional, health and dental care, as well as educational and sporting access. The El Salto centre has 300 m2, and the El Salto centre 5.700 m2 of facilities.

Voluntary workers

One of the most notable features of the two centres are the two canteens in which the mothers of the younger children help out on a voluntary basis. The large number of voluntary workers helps to make this centre different from the other XICS centres which the Fundación has in the rest of the world.
Open two XICS centres in Mexico
Other collaborating organisations
As well as the Fundación Rafa Márquez, the town councils of El Salto y Tonalá are also collaborating with the Fundación del FC Barcelona in the centre..

The Fundación del FC Barcelona is investing 300.000 euros in this project between 2007 and 2010.

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