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19.08.2009 20:26

Voting in at the Assembly

David Saura

Magda Oranich, Xavier Sala i Martín and Josep Ignasi Macià have been made full directors of FC Barcelona after they were ratified by the Delegates' Assembly as well as a new club members' ombudsman and two new members being voted on for the Economic

With an extensive majority the Assembly approved points 5, 6 and 7 on the order of the day that referred to the ratification of the directors Magda Oranich, Xavier Sala i Martín and Josep Ignasi Macià, the ombudsman of the club members, Agustí Bassols and of the members of the Economic Commission, Jordi Galí and Jordi Ordeix.

Below are the ratifications and the votes for each point. 

► Ratification of the new member of the board of directors:
Josep Ignasi Macià i Gou (membership number 19.143)
Magda Oranich i Solagran (membership number 23.676)
Xavier Sala i Martín (membership number 86.575)
Voting: 368 in favour, 11 again and 19 abstained

►Ratification of the club members ombudsman
2009-08-19_ASAMBLEA_SINDICO_01.jpgAgustí Bassols Pascual (membership number 12.366)
Voting: 386 in favour, 2 against and 8 abstained

►Ratification of the new members of the Economic Commission
Jordi Galí Garreta (membership number 87.544)
Jordi Ordeix Lahoz (socio 147.787)
Votación: 361 in membership number, 7 against and 27 abstained
Voting in at the Assembly
First report of the ombudsman
After their ratification, Agustí Bassols has read a report that explained that this season they have received a total of 379 notices or letters for the ombudsman for club members. He explained that the time limit to reply has been reduced from eight to just four days. For the new season, he will appeal to have more resources and people to attend to the needs.

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