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29.04.2010 13:48

Historic turnout from the fans


Despite losing the Champions League semi final, the response from the fans throughout this week will be remembered as one of the most remarkable moments in recent FC Barcelona history.

96,214 spectators gave everything for their team. Outside of the stadium thousands of fans got behind the team all week: on social networks, in the street, at work, in the media … the bond between the fans and the club has set example for joint endeavour and has once against demonstrated the extraordinary vitality of FCB’s fan base, which was graphically represented in the form of the majestic mosaic created at the start of the match.

Before the game, this support was evident from the way the players were accompanied from hotel to stadium. A horde of motorbikes accompanied them as they made their way to the Camp Nou in one of the most effervescent pre-match match build-ups ever.

Mass support

finalpartit.JPGThe message “we will give everything” sums up to perfection the way the fans responded to the club’s different promotions. As requested, almost everybody was wearing a Barça shirt, and the constant roar of support right up until the final whistle provided a host of memories to be cherished, despite the adverse result.

Combination of initiatives

The club organised a number of spontaneous initiatives given the importance of the match. On Tuesday, for example, the organisers of the www.remuntada.cat website presented the club with a collection of the comments received via the Twitter and facebook social networks. Other media, who had also asked for comments via SMS, e-mail and so on, received similarly enormous responses.

Successful promotions

IMG_3263.JPGThe club also asked fans to join their facebook page, and no fewer than 47,000 users heeded the call. Also, a number of videos were posted from Saturday night on the Barça Youtube site ( www.youtube.com/fcbarcelona ) and by Thursday, these had been viewed by as many as 630,000 visitors.
Historic turnout from the fans
Laporta: "I love seeing Barça fans so united and enthusiastic"
On Thursday, president Joan Laporta spoke to radio station RAC1 about the way the fans have responded this week: "Our fans deserve everything. I was thrilled to see the Barça fans so united and enthusiastic … Under other circumstances, you’d think that we had reached the end of a cycle, of a team. But I get the feeling we just have to lift our heads up and carry on."

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