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24.04.2010 19:52

We’ll give it everything

Anna Segura

Using the slogan 'we’ll give it everything', FC Barcelona are organising a series of spontaneous initiatives for the build-up to the huge game against Inter Milan on Wednesday, where they have to make amends for 3-1 defeat in Italy.

The fans’ support will be needed more than ever for the massive Champions League game coming up on Wednesday. There is a two goal deficit to make up if Barça are to be playing in the grand final at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Fans hold the key

Logo_remontada.jpg'We’ll give it everything' is what FC Barcelona are promising the supporters as they prepare for one of the biggest matches in recent history. The game won’t kick off until 20.45, but the build-up began as soon as the final whistle blew on the league fixture with Xerez. A sell-out crowd is expected at the Camp Nou, and Guardiola and his players know that the ideal way to unsettle Inter will be for the fans to make themselves heard.

The following are all the activities being planned for the big night:

- The game starts at 20.00. We are calling on supporters to be in the ground three quarters of an hour before it starts, so that the players can feel the warmth of their support from the moment they go out for the warm-up.
- Barça colours for everybody: wear the shirt and scarf, fly the flag, like on all special occasions.
- Mosaic of 90,000 cards in the colours of Barça and the Catalan flag and the picture of a fan holding a scarf saying 'Barça!'
- After the game with Xerez 50,000 stickers bearing the logo 'Nos dejaremos la piel' were handed out.
- Television adverts: The club will be recording two promotions, one about the supporters’ role and the other about the players.

Also on social networks

Mosaic_BO_FCB_Inter.jpgFacebook and Twitter are the other FC Barcelona platforms that fans can use in the build-up to Barça v Inter by leaving their comments there. The club has set up a special facebook page , which can be found on the club’s official page ( www.facebook.com/fcbarcelona ) and where fans can join in with the desire for a 2-0 win or better.

Barça fans can also take part in the comeback through the official Barça twitter accounts (www.twitter.com/fcbarcelona_cat, www.twitter.com/fcbarcelona_es y www.twitter.com/fcbarcelona). Using the hashtag #remontada, which has already gained popularity on this social network, Barça fans can share their messages of support for the team.
We’ll give it everything

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Importance of Seient Lliure
Seient Lliure will once again be crucial in ensuring the Camp Nou enjoys the maximum possible turnout. Season ticket holders that cannot come to the game against Inter are encouraged to use the Seient Lliure scheme to allow another fan to take their seat instead.

On Tuesday from 10.00, a second phase of ticket sales will be opened, depending on how many tickets have been released though Seient Lliure. As seats are freed, more and more places will be available. The best thing to do is check our website at www.fcbarcelona.cat to find out what channels are available for the purchase of tickets.

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