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26.10.2008 13:17

Meeting in Nyon


Barša will attend this Mondayĺs meeting of UEFAĺs Professional Football Strategic Council (PFSC). Once again Barša is leading initiatives designed to improve competitions and defend the interests of clubs.

Club chairman Joan Laporta and director of football Ra˙l SanllehÝ will this Monday attend the meeting of UEFA’s Professional Football Strategic Council in Nyon. The Council brings together clubs through the ECA, Leagues through the EPFL, and the players represented by FIFPRO. Once again Barša is one of the four ECA clubs to head the meeting.

Strategic issues

The agenda for the meeting features three major issues: training of players by the clubs, licences and financing of clubs, and social dialogue in the sport.

As for training of players by the clubs, at the Nyon meeting ideas will be put forward based on a study drawn up by one of the PFSC’s working groups. Barša is a club which believes and invests in its academy, so it is especially interested in this report and its main conclusions.

With respect to licences and financing of clubs, the PFSC wants to ensure financial fair play in the state of the clubs’ finances so that there is a balance between sides taking part in UEFA competitions.

Finally the meeting is also to review the current status of social dialogue in professional football. The next full meeting, to be held on 19 November, will also be planned.

It should be recalled that Barcelona is one of the most active defenders of the rights of clubs and preserving the quality of all competitions. It is for this reason that chairman Joan Laporta heads the Institutional Relations working group at the ECA, the body which represents European clubs.
Meeting in Nyon
In Switzerland
The PFSC meeting will be held at UEFA HQ in Nyon at 11 am.

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