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15.10.2008 22:02

Miami positive about Barça proposal

Carles Cascante (Special Correspondent)

Miami, the city of dreams, the gateway to hope for so many and one of the most vibrant urban centres in all of the USA, is the city Barça have chosen to develop and promote their role in the North American and Latin markets.

The Florida city, and especially its people, as well as the numerous media that were there to cover the presentation of Barça’s proposal to take over a new MLS franchise, are all playing a major role as Barça push to get their proposal accepted.

The proposal was sealed over the last 72 hours and everybody has been working hard day and night. From FC Barcelona to Miami, via the University of Florida and the leader of the investors that have been negotiating with Barça, Marcelo Claure.

University implied in deal

DSC03377.jpgModesto Midique, the president of Florida International University has also been making an effort to ensure the project is a success. He feels the vibrancy of the city of Miami makes it “as much North American as part of the rest of the world. The market has changed in recent years and there is an increasing interest in soccer and for it to triumph again in Miami.”

Miami positive about Barça proposal
Questions in Catalan
Before asking for questions, FC Barcelona general manager, Joan Olivé (who acted as moderator for the media’s questions), commented that Miami is a multicultural city in which several different languages are spoken, and so on Wednesday at the BrightStar Corporation there was surely also room for Catalan. And so there was.

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