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15.10.2008 21:54

Laporta: “This is a very important day for Barça”

Carles Cascante (enviat especial) / Roger Bogunyà

Joan Laporta has made it clear just how important he feels the project is that he has presented on Wednesday in Miami. “This is a very important day for Barça. We have been trying to break into the American market for years” he confessed.

At 20.00 (CET) in the Brightstar Corporation offices in Miami, FC Barcelona’s presentation was concluded of an offer to become co-owners of one of the new MLS (Major League Soccer) clubs planned for 2010.

Joan Laporta explained that the project “is being dealt with enthusiastically” by FC Barcelona and added that for his club this “is a very important day” because “We have been trying to break into the American and Latin markets for years and we have been able to do this thanks to a series of factors”.

The factors

The collaboration between Florida International University (Miami Dade County), FC Barcelona and Marcelo Claure have been the three factors that have led to this project being put into place.

Claure_i_Laporta.wwwfcbarcelonacat.jpgLaporta was full of praise for Bolivian Marcelo Claure, the owner of CD Bolívar and Barça’s associate on this project: “This man can guarantee that the project will be a success, he’s the perfect partner because he understands football philosophy and the model by which Barça is managed”.

“Miami is the gateway to dreams”

The Barça president also explained why he wants to form his team in Miami and not anywhere else. “Miami is the gateway to hope and dreams, it is the gateway into the USA. There is a lot of vitality in this city”, said Laporta. The press conference was also given in Miami, but the official documentation was presented in New York, where the MLS has its head offices.

Claure, hungry

Marcelo Claure is also confident about his project. “We comply with the requirements, we firmly believe that this project will get the luck it deserves, Miami is a city with an appetite and things can go well here”; said the Bolivian.
Laporta: “This is a very important day for Barça”
“More than a football team”
Joan Laporta said that the project presented on Wednesday in Miami “means much more than just sport. It is a challenge for the club, for being responsible for a team in Miami means much more than just football. This is where the social projects to help people in need organised by the FC Barcelona Foundation come in”, he explained, although he is also convinced that he doesn’t want his team in America “to be a show, but to be a competitive team.”
Finally, Laporta also asked for everybody’s support, and not just that of the institutions that are directly involved, but also the media and Barça supporters in general, to ensure that the project gets the go-ahead.

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