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26.06.2009 18:47

U2 stage revealed


This Friday one of the big secrets surrounding the U2 concert next week at the Camp Nou was unveiled. Some 70 journalists were invited to view the ‘360º Tour' stage, which will be travelling the world for the next two years.

The curtain comes up on U2’s ‘360º Tour' next week, and the Camp Nou will be the focus of all attention as the place the Irish rock band has chosen to open this massive world tour.

Unique design

_M3_9296.jpgThe organisers offered 70 journalists the chance to examine the stage structure. It will be located in the centre of the stadium and as U2’s manager, Paul McGuiness, explained “we have tried to create a 360º vision, which is unique in an open-top location. This has involved extraordinary engineering difficulties”.

In figures

The stage is 78 metres wide and 50 high, weighing 180 tons in total. It also has giant screens showing pre-recorded and graphic images.

Camp Nou, perfect

_M3_9260.jpgThe ‘360º Tour' organisers believe the Barça stadium is an ideal venue for such a rock concert “because there is no athletics track and all of the seats are very close to the stage” as McGuiness explained. He also pointed out that the treble won by Barça means “everybody is in a great mood”.

Complex construction

The stage architect, Mark Fisher said he feels honoured that the lines of his creation have been compared to Gaudí. He also explained that it has been designed “to be assembled in four days and dismantled in two”. In the two years of the tour, this process will be repeated 120 times.
U2 stage revealed
Three stages
The U2 Tour organisers have produced three different structures that will be rotated, thus meaning that the band will not have to wait for each separate stage to be assembled for each concert. The only items that will be travelling to each city will be the lights and speakers.

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