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20.06.2009 10:39

Barša and Acnur support World Refugee Day


The two organisations have launched a video to raise awareness and are organising a football tournament in Syria between Somali and Iraqi refugees.

World Refugee Day –WRD- (June 20), Futbol Club Barcelona, its Foundation and ACNUR, The UN’s agency for refugees, have united to honour the value, strength and fighting spirit of some 42 million refugees and internally displaced people around the world. These are people that have lost everything, that have been obliged to leave their homes to flee from persecution, war and violations of Human Rights.
"Play this game with us"

ACNUR-B.Auger1.jpgFundaciˇ FC Barcelona and ACNUR have produced through Baršatv a video to raise awareness that also displays Barša’s commitment to refugees and displaced people. The video includes images from the “Gimme Shelter” report directed by actor and director Ben Affleck. For more information on the plight of refugees, please visit http://www.eacnur.com .

Actions with refugees in Syria

DRC006.JPGFC Barcelona and its Foundation know no boundaries and are now collaborating by means of a football tournament held on Friday in Damascus, Syria involving Iraqi and Somali refugees as well as humanitarian aid workers. Syria has more than a million Iraqi refugees who have suffered violence in Iraq and are fighting for survival on the outskirts of the capital city and other regions of the country with the support of ACNUR and its collaborators.
Donation of material by the Foundation

Knowing the admiration these refugees sense towards FC Barcelona, the Foundation had no doubts about donating sports materials as well as signed banners, balloons and posters. “We are very grateful to the Foundation for yet another show of solidarity that can bring some hope to the lives of these refugees on a day when they are the veritable protagonists”, said Maricela Daniel, representative of ACNUR in Spain. The material was distributed to the participants in the football tournament in Damascus, games in which everybody was a winner.
Main photo: Christian Als - Photo inside 1: ACNUR/B. Auger - Photo inside 2: Christian Als
Main photo: Christian Als - Photo inside 1: ACNUR/B. Auger - Photo inside 2: Christian Als

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