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11.06.2009 16:44

Lorenzo: “It’s a dream come true”

Miriam Nadal

MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo has presented the Yamaha in Barça colours with which he will race in the Catalunya Grand Prix this weekend.

The Majorcan born rider, a well-known Barça supporter, has completely covered his motorbike with the Barça shield. Including his GP suit, bike, gloves and helmet Lorenzo will be displaying 19 Barça shields at the Montmeló circuit.

From dream to reality

“I had a little dream, to be able to compete with the Barça colours, and now I’ve been able to make it a reality. The idea was to paint the whole bike and suit but FIAT has shares in Juventus and they weren’t exactly keen on it being all in Barça’s colours. But even so, the helmet has the shield and so does the bike”.

The Rome final

Lorenzo, who is a big Barça fan and was in Rome for the Champions League final, admitted that for him it is a privilege to wear the Club’s colours: “I carry Barça in my heart. I was in Rome and at one point there were 20,000 fans asking for my autograph and the final was an emotional experience”.

Barça supports Lorenzo

Barça vice-presidents Jaume Ferrer and Joan Boix accompanied Jorge Lorenzo in the presentation. Ferrer told reporters. “It’s a source of pride that a world champion like Jorge Lorenzo wants to wear our colours. We appreciate it”.

ZUERAS_WEB_JORGE_LORENZO_MOTO_BARxA_11-06-09_948.JPGJoan Boix assured everybody that Barça fans would be right behind Lorenzo this weekend: “We’re be here at Montmeló. Lorenzo is having a good season. I’d like him to carry on enjoying the motorbike without objectives and keep on the right path. He carries our shield in his heart. Today Barça is supporting him”.


During the presentation the news also broke of a probable big money move for Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Lorenzo told us: “He’s a highly rated player. It’s not particularly good for us but they’ll pay too much money. He’s got a lot of quality but that’s all. I hope it goes well for them and that they can put up more of a fight than this year”.

As for Barça’s transfer policy, Lorenzo spoke of common sense. “I ask them to buy well, with patience and not for exorbitant prices”.

Lorenzo: “It’s a dream come true”
Inflation in the transfer market
Jaume Ferrer was also asked about Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. He emphasized that this would not alter Barça’s policy: “We will maintain our policy, which is to pay what we think the player is worth. We won’t change our approach”. As for Ronaldo’s price tag, he told reporters. “No player is worth 95 million euros”. Finally, he stated that Real Madrid would distort the transfer market. “This will certainly cause inflation in the market”.

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