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10.06.2009 20:47

A smile for the most vulnerable

Marc Parramon (enviat especial)

In a joint press conference with UNICEF in the headquarters of the UN in New York, Barša president Joan Laporta highlighted the determination of the Club to keep on working to support the most vulnerable at a time of sporting success.

At the press conference held to review the last three years of the agreement with UNICEF, Joan Laporta emphasized that Barša is determined to continue to lead the way in supporting the underprivileged peoples of the world.

The press call was attended by Joan Laporta, Marta Seg˙, director general of the FC Barcelona Foundation, UNICEF regional director Philip O’Brien and Jama Gulaib, director of UNICEF in Swaziland.

_MG_0460.jpgMr Laporta explained that the Club wants to combine sporting success with support for the most vulnerable: “At moments of sporting success for the Club, we want a smile on the faces of the most unfortunate children”.

Serious and professional

_MG_0421.jpgThe Barša president pointed to the results of the three years of cooperation between the Club, via the Foundation, and UNICEF: “The Corporative Social Responsibility of the Club, via the Foundation, is serious and professional”.

Projects that work

Swaziland, Malawi and Angola are the three focal points – for the moment – of the joint efforts and Laporta praised their capacity for transformation and improvement: “The results of these three years of cooperation show the maturity of our alliance and the programmes we are working on”.

Numbers that tell a story

Philip O’Brien, UNICEF regional director, insisted that all these projects require the support of organizations like Barša: “We are fighting for a generation free of AIDS and we can only do this with Barša”.

O’Brien also highlighted the support of the Club in such a successful sporting season: “It’s been a great year for Barša and we are proud of their sporting record”.

Marta Seg˙, director general of the FCB Foundation, discussed some of the statistics arising from the various projects. For example, 83% of pregnant women who are seropositive now receive antiretroviral treatment and 48% of children in Swaziland are now diagnosed thanks to the DNA PCR machine purchased at the start of the project.

Barša to increase support

_MG_0266.jpgDuring the press conference, it was revealed that Barša will now be financing the East and South African Region Office (ESARO). This is a specialist group within UNICEF that aims to fight AIDS in 19 African countries. This will make the Foundation one of the principal financial backers of this body.
Laporta also revealed that the Club is considering increasing its contribution to the alliance.
A smile for the most vulnerable
Condolence to families of UN workers
On behalf of the Club, Mr Laporta expressed his condolences to the families of the UNICEF and ACNUR workers killed in the bomb attack in Pakistan. Before the press conference, Mr Laporta had a meeting with UNICEF executive director Ann Venemann who informed him of the support being given to the families of the two workers killed in the attack.

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