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10.06.2009 21:07

Positive results of the alliance with UNICEF


The general outcome of the collaboration between FC Barcelona and UNICEF has been very positive with the support given to three Unicef projects which form part of the campaign “Unite For Children, Unite against Aids”.

The ties between UNICEF and the FC Barcelona Foundation started in 2006 when the club signed an agreement with the international body for 5 years and an economic contribution of 1.5 million Euros per year with the aim of jointly carrying out programmes aimed at vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans or with risk of social exclusion.

Boys_from_Swaziland_.JPGIn Swaziland, which is a country with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world; Barça and UNICEF are in a race against time to stop the vicious cycle of the infection. 1.1 million people are infected, more than 30% of children are orphans, 49% of women between 25 and 29 are HIV positive and 21.5% of children are born infected.

The help from Barça has enabled to increase the means for the fight against aids. Today 83% of pregnant women diagnosed HIV positive receive the antiretroviral treatment, and almost half (48%) of the children exposed to the infection are diagnosed thanks to the DNA PCR machine purchased at the beginning of the project.

colocacix_1x_pedra_del_XICS_MALI.jpgRecently, the alliance with UNICEF has expanded to the countries of Malawi and Angola. The country of Malawi is very much affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic with an average of 267 people infected per day, and 235 dying every day due to infections related to HIV/AIDS. Over 1 million children (1,008,000) are orphans, that is, 18% of children between 0 and 17 years.

The consequences that the loss of their parents has over the children are dramatic: the children leave school, take on the responsibilities of being the head of the family and leave childhood very soon. Therefore, the project in Malawi has a welfare aspect as it provides support in matters of education, health assistance and psycho-social help from a network of centres with experienced carers.

In Angola, sport is used as a tool to raise awareness, more specifically football, using football matches to launch messages on the prevention of AIDS.
Positive results of the alliance with UNICEF

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The Fundació FC Barcelona, “more than a club in the world”
The agreement between the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF is set within the programmes of collaboration that the team from Barcelona carries out with the United Nations. Besides from collaborating with UNICEF, the Fundació FC Barcelona also has pioneer alliances with UNESCO and UNHCR / ACNUR (the UN agency for Refugees).

Besides from programmes in collaboration with the United Nations, the FC Barcelona Foundation undertakes a series of own programmes such as the International Network of Solidarity Centres (XICS) and the Sport Solidarity Conferences (JES). Moreover, under the programmes “Sport & Citizenship”, the Foundation also promotes initiatives of an educational, cultural, and scientific and citizenship manner.

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