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06.06.2009 11:17

Record breaking shop


The success of the Barça first team has led to an avalanche of sales of shirts and merchandising at FCBotiga in the Camp Nou. Barça members and fans are keener than ever to get the champions’ shirt.

The frenzy to buy shirts experienced in the 2006-07 season when Barça won the Liga and the Champions League has been surpassed this year, with Barça winning a historic treble. In the run in to the end of the season, FCBotiga has broken its record for visitors.

21,200 visitors, record figure

WEB_01.jpgAccording to the shop’s statistics, the record number of visitors was registered on May 23, 2009. No fewer than 21,200 fans visited the shop that day, most of them attracted by the idea of purchasing the new shirt worn for the first time against Osasuna.

Messi, the most wanted

QM3D9361.jpgMany fans wanted their shirts to be printed with the name and number of their heroes. The most popular name is that of Leo Messi, followed by Andrés Iniesta, whose popularity has increased immensely since he scored that famous goal against Chelsea. Third in the ranking is Xavi, followed by Gerard Piqué and Carles Puyol.

The ‘Copa, Liga y Champions' phenomenon

qm3d9460.jpgBut the biggest success story has been a blue shirt bearing the now-famous slogan ‘Copa, Liga y Champions'. The shirt was first worn by the first team when they went on their victory parade around the city. Since the shirt went on sale, some sizes have run out on several occasions, such is the sensational popularity of the garment.
Record breaking shop
Specific treble winning merchandising
FC Barcelona have created new licences for the treble winning brand, including shirts, flags, lighters, wallets, scarves, etc. These products are new on the market and all bear the special treble winning logo. Guardiola and his team’s success has generated a whole new range of products of interest to the Barça supporter.

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