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04.06.2009 13:19

Assembly of members’ representatives

David Puig

Joan Laporta has announced that the Assembly of members’ representatives will be held on 18th August. Speaking in a radio interview he also revealed that the Club intends to introduce online voting at the next elections.

The Assembly will be held to coincide with the Joan Gamper Trophy on 18th August. Two of the issues that will be dealt with at the Assembly will be the budget for 2009/10 and a number of changes in the Club statutes that are required by law.

Voting online

QM3D7708.jpgJoan Laporta explained in the radio interview that one of these changes will be the possibility of voting via the internet at the next presidential elections: “It would be very important to be able to vote via the internet as this would mean a new impulse in the modernization of the Club. Different technical trials are being carried out and I hope it will be possible for the next presidential elections”.

Opposed to financial guarantees

QM3D8624.jpgAnother issue being considered by the Club is the possibility of abolishing the financial guarantee that candidates to the presidency are currently obliged to provide in compliance with Spanish law. Mr Laporta believes the law is discriminatory but at the same time recognizes the difficultly of changing a law that applies throughout Spain: "It’s discrimination on economic grounds. I know that it will be very difficult as first it would be necessary to convince the Sports Council (Consejo Superior de Deportes). I’ve been told that there are different committees in Parliament that are working to establish the rules for the operation of professional sport and in particular football”.


QM3D7824.jpgThe next presidential elections will be held between March and May 2010. Mr Laporta revealed that he will be supporting a candidate from the current Board who will provide continuity to the existing policies of Club management: “Within the current Board there are some very valid people who would make very good presidents of FC Barcelona. They have experience and a coherent record. They’ve known how to act in difficult moments. I will support that candidature as the best for Barça is to continue the current project”.
Assembly of members’ representatives

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Remodelling the Camp Nou
Joan Laporta expressed his regret that Barcelona City Council has not yet approved the remodelling of Camp Nou designed by Norman Forster: “I would like the current Board to be able to approve the definitive project. The Club has done everything we had to do and now it depends on the Barcelona City Council. I find all this rather disappointing as the City Council has not yet started proceedings to get the remodelling of the Campo Nou started”.

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