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12.05.2009 19:33

Picking up tickets for the Champions League Final


All members who have received notification that their application for tickets for the Champions League Final has been accepted must collect them between 15th and 21st May.

Tickets must be collected from the ticket offices at access gate 14. In order to avoid queues, a date has been assigned to each successful applicant in accordance with the order in which the application was drawn. We would remind you that it will not be possible to pick them up before this date.

The ticket office is open from 15th to 21st May from 10,00 until 20,00 (except Sunday May 17th) and Friday 22nd May from 10.00 until 15.00.


At the moment of purchase you will need to pay with a credit card the difference outstanding once the reservation fee of 50€has been charged. The exact type of tickets on sale will depend on the seats available at the moment of purchase.


The following documentation will be needed at the moment of purchase:

- If the club member who made the application picks up the tickets: For individual applications, members must present their DNI and original membership card.

- If one club member on a group application picks up the tickets: In this case, if only one member picks up the tickets corresponding to a group application, that member must present their DNI and original membership card, plus the original membership cards of the other members cited on the application and a photocopy of their DNIs.

- Underage members: Tickets must be collected by the member’s parents or assigned legal guardian.

- If the member is unable to personally collect the tickets: In this case, an authorized person must present a document authorising him to collect the tickets signed by the member, plus a photocopy of the member’s DNI and the original membership card of the club member.

In the case of a group application, in addition to the documentation detailed above, the authorisation must be signed by all members cited on the application.

Passing on tickets

Members who are assigned a ticket for the final of the Champions League and have purchased it as detailed above may pass on their ticket to another club member or an immediate family member, as long as this person has not already been assigned a ticket.

- In order to pass on a ticket to another club member, you must complete a form which will be available from 15th May at 10.00 until 22nd May at 15.00. You will need to provide your key code, membership number and the information concerning the ticket assigned to you. Click HERE for the form.

- In order to pass on a ticket to a family member once it has been purchased and collected, you must make an application at the FC Barcelona Supporter Services Office between 15th and 22nd May. The Office is open from 09.00 until 19.00 except for Friday 22nd May when it closes at 15.00. In order to pass on the ticket to a family member, official documentary evidence will be needed to prove the family relationship between the two parts.

Once the name of the ticket holder has been changed, this person will be the only person authorized to use the ticket as this is personal and not transferable.
In order to simplify the process, we would strongly recommend you bring a printed version of the email confirmation sent to you at the moment we received your application.
Picking up tickets for the Champions League Final

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