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20.02.2009 11:01

A profit of €15.9 million

Anna Segura

After the first six months of the season, FC Barcelona have announced that they have made a net profit of nearly €16 million.

Since July 2008, when the economic balance for last year was concluded, until December, Barça have shown a profit of €15.9 million, a rise of 28.2 per cent on the previous season.

The Blaugrana vice-president, Joan Boix, the director of the economic department, Josep Anton Colomer, and the corporate general director, Joan Oliver, presented the figures and explained how they were reached.

Book keeping

During this six-month period, Barça have had an income of €186 million, while expenditure has been €164.1 million, which leaves a profit of €21.9 million. When financial expenses, totalling €6 million, is subtracted the net result is €15.9 million.

More than last year

QM3D6232.jpgCompared to the same period during the 2007-08 campaign, this year has seen a 12.4 per cent rise in income. That is thanks, in part, to the new audiovisual contract, that will see the club earn between €115 and €150 million, income from playing in the Champions League, a new deal with Nike and the acquisition of the right of the Botiga del Barça.

Nike negotiations

During the press conference it was announced that the club is working on a new contract with Nike. The current economic situation has mean that the club wants to redefine the rolls over the management of the Barça club shops. It is area that has not been a priority for the Barcelona until now, but as Joan Oliver explained they want to return to the initial situation where Nike manages the operation “but with more favourable and different conditions for Barça”.

Expenses have risen by ten per cent in the first half of the season partly because the cost of restructuring the playing squad, the investment in work on the Ciudad Deportiva sports complex and the expenses of the Barça shop.

Major League Soccer

FC Barcelona quest to have a presence in the Major League Soccer (MLS) with a new franchise is “very delicate and we are evaluating if the situation allows for the model planned to implemented in Miami or not,” said Oliver. The corporate director general stated that the club could always bid to enter the MLS when “there was not financial risk to the club.”

Stadium figures

10-03-07_Camp_Nou_02_copia.jpgIncome from the stadium went down 3.2 per cent compared to last year and Boix explained that the main reason for that was that the figures “from the low attendance for the Gamper game”, Boix said. That match, in which every seat was on sale, was effected by the fact that Pep Guardiola’s side had played their first match of the season in the Champions League qualifiers only the week before.

There was an improvement in the Seient Lluire (Free seat) scheme to encourage fans to go to the stadium and that had been positive. Oliver explained that the result for each match was €73,300 net”.

Economic downturn

The current economic downturn around the world had also had an effect on FC Barcelona. Boix said that “there have been less visitors to the Barça Museum, less renting of the club’s facilities and less buying in the club shop”. For that reason the club thinks that the new accord with Nike should include talks about the management of the club shop.

Oliver also recognised that the global economic problem had restricted the employment of personnel. “Barça has stopped expanding the contracting of personnel at the current time,” he said.

The second half

QM3D6200.jpgDetailing the factors that have occurred since December 31 that could have an influence on the figures at the end of the season, Boix explained that the club have been obliged to pay € 30 million to settle their issues with Soegcable, put aside €29.1 million after filing an open lawsuit with AVS and TV3, as well as take on new sponsorship deals, like the one with Etisalat.
A profit of €15.9 million

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La Caixa credit
Joan Boix has explained that the club will pay Sogecable from their regular finances. That, linked with the non-payment of Audiovisual Sports and TV3, has meant that the club have had to ask La Caixa for credit of €30 million against future earnings. The credit, grated “because the bank is sure of the club’s management”, will be returned when TV3 pay their debt of €29.1 million.

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