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News article on: Camp Nou: 50th anniversary

Image associated to news article on:  The new Camp Nou  Image associated to news article on:  The new Camp Nou

The new Camp Nou

The remodelled stadium will be seen as a single architectural entity. The entire stadium building is contained within a clearly defined volume and has a unified external appearance created by its mosaic enclosure.

The additional spaces and facilities within the stadium are fully integrated both functionally and architecturally.

By the end of the Camp Nou’s remodelling its visitors will see a transformed stadium:

•The image of the remodelled stadium will be distinctive and unique to FCB. Its carefully considered architecture is strong and vibrant. It will ensure that the Camp Nou stadium image will be a unique enduring and one which can be expected to become included as part of FCB’s brand identity.

•Everybody will instantly see the stadium’s new external appearance as a strong and bold manifestation of FCB within the urban setting. This will be seen as fitting proudly into the City of Barcelona’s architectural heritage of distinctive and colourful buildings. They will appreciate it as a thoroughly
modern stadium built upon on a proud heritage.

•FCB’s regular fans will be able to enjoy a transformed public amenity provision. New escalators will take them up to the upper levels of the stadium and there will be substantially increased public concourse circulation areas which will have a greatly increased number of toilets and food/refreshment outlets.

•The remodelled stadium segregates the circulation routes of stadium visitors from stadium operations by the creation of new vertical and horizontal routes.

•The stadium will meet the highest standards of spectator safety and will fully provide for disabled spectators.

•Spectators will have a much rationalized and clearer distribution of entry points into the respective parts
of the stadium on all sides.

•The new stadium will have a complete 360 degree two-lane service road and new ring corridor for FCB operational staff.

• The stadium will provide significantly improved facilities for both written and broadcast press segregated from public areas

•The club’s players, officials and staff will all enjoy stadium’s new players changing areas, Presidential suite, operational areas and Club offices.

•FCB’s VIP Hospitality spectators will experience a hugely expanded hospitality provision in new dedicated VIP areas on both sides of the stadium. These VIP areas will offer exceptional space and service standards to meet the increased expectation and demands for such areas.

It’s superlative new facilities and will provide FCB with and excellent base to move with confidence into the future.

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