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Hard fought win (2-1)

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Roller hockey

13.11.2010 21:55

Hard fought win (2-1)

Sònia de Alba

Barça Sorli Discau found it hard going to overcome Lloret, but a goal in each half from Mia Ordeig and Reinaldo García proved sufficient to give them the win.

With the Palau crowd behind them all the way, Barça’s roller hockey team fought hard for the three points, which finally arrived after Garcia’s 40th minute strike.

All out attack

2010-11-13_FCB_SORLI_DISCAU_-_CH_LLORET_001.jpgIt was almost all Barça in the first half with Lloret unable to break out of their own half, but not even a a Borregan penalty nor a Pujalte counter attack turned the pressure into goals as the Lloret defence stood firm until the final minute of the half when Mia Ordeig managed to put Barça one up. Then with just 22 seconds left on the clock, Lloret broke up field and Jordi Rodriguez got them back on level terms as the two teams went in for the break.

Missed chances

2010-11-13_FCB_SORLI_DISCAU_-_CH_LLORET_010.jpgThe visitors were able to pose more problems in the second half, but when they committed their 10th foul it looked as if Sergi Panadero would have to make it two. Unfortunately, neither he, nor the rest of his teammates managed to give Barça the lead despite a period of intense pressure on the Lloret goal. The visitors might even have nicked a goal themselves when Barça committed their 10th foul, but Sergi Fernández stopped Víctor Crespo’s attempt..

Winning goal finally comes

Barça refused to give up their attacking style though and with 10 minutes left Reinaldo Garcia popped up to finally make it 2-1. That was the signal for Lloret to open up themselves and only another good stop from Fernandez from another Lloret penalty by Rodri kept Barça in front. It was tense stuff as the clock ticked down and Rodri and Reinaldo both saw blue cards, whilst Panadero could have easily made it three.
Hard fought win (2-1)


FC Barcelona Sorli Discau (1+1): Fernández, Panadero, Torra, Borregán, Reinaldo (1)- Starting five - Ordeig (1), Paéz, Adroher.

CH Lloret (1+0): Serra, Tibau, Rodri (1), Crespo, Lladó – starting five - Roger Perarnau, González, Cassalí, Martos.

Goals: 1-0, Ordeig, min. 24; 1-1, Rodri, min. 25; 2-1, Reinaldo, min. 40

Blue cards: Rodri (LLO) and Reinaldo (FCB) .

Referees: Melero and De la Hera.

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