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A well-earned point (3-3)

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Roller hockey

17.11.2009 22:41

A well-earned point (3-3)

Sònia de Alba

The roller hockey team gained a valuable draw away to local rivals Vilanova.

After 8 rounds of the league season, Vilanova hadn’t dropped a single point at home. However, Barça Sorli Discau extended their unbeaten run and took home a well deserved point.

An early lead

Barça took an early 0-1 lead through Mia Ordeig and held on for a quarter of an hour before Martin made it 1-1. The first half ended in drama with a harsh penalty which Egurrola saved.

Fast and furious

The second half was fast and furious and Lluís Teixidó scored to make it 1-2. Vilanova quickly equalized but in a frenetic rush of action both teams scored again to leave the score line at 3-3 with just 6 minutes left on the clock.

3-man Barça hang on

Barça survived to the end of the game with just three men and went home with a vital point.
Photo: archive.
Photo: archive.

CP Vilanova (1+2): Arellano, Riba, Ferrer, Rocasalbas (1), Marín (1) – starting five - Bartres, Galán (1)

FCB Sorli Discau (1+2): Egurrola, Páez, Ordeig (1), Panadero (1), Borregán – starting five – Adroher, Teixidó (1)

Goals: 0-1, Ordeig, m. 1; 1-1, Marín, m. 15; 1-2, Teixidó, m. 36; 2-2, Rocasalbas, m. 39; 2-3, Panadero, m. 40; 3-3, Galán, m. 44

Cards: Blue for López (FCB)

Officials: Delfa and López

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