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Seven wins out of seven (1-5)

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Roller hockey

07.11.2009 21:25

Seven wins out of seven (1-5)

Barça Sorli Discau maintained their unbeaten run with a 1-5 win at Lleida in a game they controlled and virtually wrapped up with an impressive first half performance.

It's seven wins from seven for Barça Sorli Discau whose latest win, though not perhaps as spectacular as some of the others, was based on a strong defence that gave their opponents no chance to get into the game.

Lleida take the lead

Lleida is always a tough place to play and the hosts made a great start when they went one up after 8 minutes through Toni Seró. The home crowd's happiness didn't last though, as just three minutes later Carlos López fired home a penalty for the equaliser.

Barca took control as the game went on and two minutes later they were ahead when Lopez struck again. Their dominance was growing and when Mia Ordeig scored another penalty on 20 minutes, the game was clearly going Barca's way.

No change after the break

There was no change after the break, when Mia Ordeig got his second with a quick breakaway to make it four and then Lluís Teixidó rounded the game off with another penalty a minute and a half before full time.
Seven wins out of seven (1-5)

Lleida Llista (1+0):
Gascón, Trilla, Giralt, Vergés, Seró (1) – starting five - Casanovas, Rafols, Soteras, Tomas, Estrada (ps)

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau (3+2): Egurrola, Ordeig (3), Panadero, López (2), Borregán – starting five – Paéz, Adroher, Teixidó (1)

Goals: 1-0, Seró, m. 7; 1-1, López (p), m. 10; 1-2, López, m. 12; 1-3, Ordeig (p); m. 20; 1-4, Ordeig, m. 30; 1-5, Teixidó, m. 48

Referees: De la Era and Veiga

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