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Nearer being mathematical leaders (4-2)

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29.03.2009 17:00

Nearer being mathematical leaders (4-2)

Sònia de Alba

Barça Sorli Discau want to finish the regular season as leaders and after beating Liceo 4-2 have five points more than Vic, with just six still to play for.

Missing the injured Mia Ordeig and suspended Miquel Masoliver, Barça Sorli Discau had a tight squad for the third from last game in the OK League.

Visitors score

Barça Sorli Discau dominated the opening exchanges but Liceo scored first as the visitors made the most of all their chances.

Reinaldo García was having a great game and created a chance to shoot which made the score 0-1. Then two minutes later Jordi Bargalló used his bulk to storm through the Catalan defence and score the second.

Quimo Paüls immediately called a time-out but his team still couldn’t find their rhythm.

López turns it round

QM3D3593.jpgBarça, missing the injured Mia Ordeig and suspended Miquel Masoliver, then began the minimum rotation available to them as López came off the bench to get the team clicking.

Lopez immediately ramped up the game with shots and assists to Borregán, Panadero and David Páez.

He then proceeded to find the net to make it 1-2 with 7'18” to go to the break.

Both teams then started to change things round more.

Barça Sorli Discau players managed to pick up five yellow cards (Sergi Panadero (2), David Páez, Carlos López and Alberto Borregán) compared to just one for Liceo (Grasas).

Draw comes along

QM3D3629.jpgAt the start of the second half the Catalans were more focussed with still a lot of game time to go. Beto Borregán fired in a shot which hit the post and then rolled into Llaverola’s goal.

Beto makes the difference

Captain Beto Borregán turned the game around in seven minutes. After getting the equaliser, he then took the ball round behind the goal before finding the perfect angle for a shot to make it 3-2.

But Barça still wanted more and no sooner had the Catalans’ captain got the ball again than he scored to make it 4-2.
Nearer being mathematical leaders (4-2)

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau (1+4): Egurrola, Páez, Panadero, Teixidó, Borregán (4) – starting five– López (1)

Coinasa Liceo (2+0): Llaverola, Lamas, Grasas Bargalló (1), García (1) – starting five- Payero, Álvarez

Goals: 0-1, García (6’); 0-2, Bargalló (8’); 1-2, López (18’); 2-2, Borregán (30’); 3-2, Borregán (37’); 4-2, Borregán (37’); 5-2, Borregán (44’)

Cards: Blue (por acumulación) Panadero (FCB)

Rferees: Prades y López

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