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Roller Hockey

29.09.2007 21:38

Mighty performance in Continental Cup (5-0)

Cristina Collado / Verónica Díez

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau won the Continental Cup of roller hockey by beating Vilanova 5-0. Quim Paüls’ side was in impressive form as they brushed aside the current CERS champions.

Barça were the only side in the final played in Quevert (France) against a Vilanova side that simply could not find their way into the game. The game was already as good as over by half time, when Barça led 4-0.

Two to start from Páez

Barça Sorli Discau went for all-out attack from the outset, and before you knew it, David Páez had scored twice. The first was scored on the turn from inside the area, and the second came just minutes later in a speedy counterattack.

Vilanova were determined not to let that early setback destroy their morale, and Santi Julivert had a few chances, but Egurrola in the Barça goal wasn’t going to be letting anything past today.

Furious pace

Barça Sorli Discau weren’t going to rest on their laurels, and Alberto Borregán issued a warning with a powerful drive that was kept out by Avellano. A minute later, however, the captain was more fortunate, and a strike from the left went in to put Barça three ahead, with Perejil almost finding an immediate reply with a volley that was turned away by the Barça keeper.

Four minutes before the break and ‘Beto' made it four, and just seconds before the end, David Páez wasted an easy opportunity to add another.

Time for Vilanova

The result looked assured and Barça played it easy in the second half. This gave Vilanova their chances to get back into the match, but those chances were squandered. Of four close efforts, the most frustrating for them came from a former Barça youth player in Albert Casanovas

But their game was always going to go Barça Sorli Discau’s way. And just to underline their dominance, they scored the only goal of the second half, the work of Lluís Teixidó, as he went on to celebrate his first title with his new side.
Mighty performance in Continental Cup (5-0)


FCB Sorli Discau: Egurrola, Masoliver, Borregán(2), David Páez(2) and Panadero -starting five-, Mia Ordeig, Teixidó(1), Carlitos López and Gerard Verges

Avellano, Boira, Del Amor, Julivert and Casadevall -starting five- Albert Casanovas and David Ros

Referees: Potdevin and Maury

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