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03.07.2007 11:52

Teixidó could not have asked for more

Cristina Collado

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau and Lluís Teixidó have come to an agreement for the Catalan midfielder to play for the club for the next two seasons, with the option to two more. Teixidó has said he “could not have asked for more.”

FC Barcelona have signed one of the biggest names in Catalan roller hockey. Lluís Teixidó has been snatched from major rivals Alnimar Reus Deportiu and will be at Barça for at least the next two seasons.


Teixidó has said that it was mainly emotional ties that inspired his change of club. “Personally I think it will be a positive thing to be able to go back to my home, it’s what the family wants”, he told Barça TV and fcbarcelona.cat. But that was not his only motivation after five years in Reus. “Sports-wise, you couldn’t ask for more. Everybody would like to play for the best team in the world right now”.

No league title at Reus

qm3d1121.jpgLluís Teixidó was born in Masías de Voltregà (Osona) 27 years ago. He plays in midfield and has spent almost his entire career at Reus Deportiu. He was won two CERS Cups, one Copa del Rey and Spanish Super Cup with the club, but has missed out on the league, and with Barça Sorli Discau he knows he should get the chance. Barça have just collected their tenth consecutive league championship.

Last season Reus and Barça met in the final of the OK League, as is becoming the norm. But Reus missed out on another title in game three of the final series to Quim Paüls’ all-conquering side. Teixidó has promised to give “the maximum to this team” and hopes “next season can be as fruitful as this”.
Teixidó could not have asked for more
International team mates
Lluís Teixidó will feel at home in the Barça dressing room. Two of his new colleagues, Mia Ordeig and Sergi Panadero, are regular team-mates in the Spanish national side. The three played together last June in the world championship, won by Spain in the Swiss city of Montreux.

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