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ESPN cover Barša Intersport

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11.08.2011 12:19

ESPN cover Barša Intersport

A team from one of the most important sports broadcasters in the world- ESPN- has been in Barcelona over the last few days to report on Barša Intersport. Their report will be broadcast in the States in September.

ESPN cover Barša Intersport

The Barša brand
One of the most important aspects which David Kraft stressed is: “the Barša brand. FC Barcelona have a strong and consolidated brand all over the world thanks to their football team and it is interesting for us to be able to explain to our viewers that the Club also have such successful and important sporting divisions such as the handball team”.
The team’s victory in the Champions League, the atmosphere over the two days in Cologne and the triumph in the ASOBAL league caught the attention of the American channel and they sent a team over to the city to cover the European Champions and how they work, in order to show the American public what FC Barcelona and Handball in general mean in Europe.

2011-08-09_MAKING-OFF_REPORTAJE_ESPN_FCB_INTERSPORT_004.jpgFour days on location

The ESPN team arrived in Barcelona on Monday with the aim of showing how a top flight team works in the European elite and also to highlight the importance of FC Barcelona as a multi-sport Club at the highest level and not just another football club.

The report shows the Museum, the Stadium, the Palau Blaugrana and the city of Barcelona, whilst focussing on the players and coaching staff of Barša Intersport.

Interviews, examples of tactics and technical skills, as well as coverage of all the team’s training sessions have figured in the report.


ESPN sent a five man team for the report, including the Mexican presenter Sophie Simone Cortina and the company executive David Kraft, whose idea it was to come over to Barcelona and who explained to Barša TV: “we wanted to do a thorough report on handball and the key was to find the best Club and for them to show us how they worked as a team - and that was FC Barcelona”.

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