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A disappointing draw (28-28)

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27.11.2010 17:49

A disappointing draw (28-28)

Sònia de Alba

It was honours even at the Palau Blaugrana in the game against the bottom side in Champions League Group A. Barça Borges expected to beat Kielce, but the Poles had clearly learned from last week’s experience.

Iker Romero’s nine goals were not enough for Xavi Pascual’s side to overcome their theoretically inferior Polish opposition. It leaves them on six points in four place, although third placed Chambéery have yet to play this weekend’ match with Celje.

Always on top

2010-11-27_FCB_BORGES_-_KS_VIVE_TARGI_KIELCE_003.jpgXavi Pascual picked his usual first-choice side, but did give Sjöstrand a start in goal ahead of Saric. The other starters were Sarmiento, Ugalde, Romero, Rocas, Oneto and Igropulo. FCB started strong, but found a much stronger Kielce defence than last week, and Cristian Ugalde squandered two early chances that could have helped edge his side into a commanding lead.

But things started coming together, and at 13-9, Bogdan Wenta called a timeoput. His modifications worked, and a vastly improved Kielce were still in touch at 15-12 for the half-time interval, with Barça ruing some foolishly wasted opportunities.

Kielce take over

2010-11-27_FCB_BORGES_-_KS_VIVE_TARGI_KIELCE_018.jpgJuanín García went on for the second half, and it looked like Barça Borges were going to be hot for the Polish visitors to handle, especially with Sjöstrand on sterling form in goal. The Blaugrana were soon +5 (21-16). But the Poles were not giving up that easily, and spurred on by 200 vociferous travelling fans in the terraces, they edged their way back into it, to the extent that Stjokovic made it 25-25 with five minutes to play. Barça were in trouble, and it got worse when Mirza Dzomba made it 26-27.

Jesper Noddesbol evened affairs at 27-27 but the high drama was yet to come. Dzomba missed an easy chance, and then Romero looked to have relieved the agony in the Palau, but Jurecki replied immediately. Level again. With just ten seconds left, Romero and Tomás tried and failed, and Romer’s missed free throw meant it was going to end all square. Barça take a point, but it this was a game where anything other than a win was going to be a major disappointment for the handball team.
Photos: Àlex Caparrós - FCB
Photos: Àlex Caparrós - FCB

FC Barcelona Borges (15+13): Sjöstrand, Sarmiento (2), Ugalde (2), Romero (6), Rocas (), Oneto (), Igropulo (4) – starting seven - Noddesbo (1), García (), Tomás (), Entrerríos (), Sorhaindo (), Nagy (), Jernemyr (), Rutenka ().

KS Vive Targi Kielce (12+16): Cleverly (Kotlinski), Grabarczyk (), Podsiadlo (1), Dzomba (1), Zoltak (), Knudsen (2), Nat () - starting seven - Jurecki (), Krieger (), Zaremba (5), Kuchczynski (), Jurasik (), Jachlewski (), Stojkovic (2), Rosisnki (1).

Five-minute periods: 3-2, 6-4, 7-7, 10-8, 13-11, 15-12 (half-time), 17-15, 20-16, 22-20, 25-23, 26-27, 28-28 (final).

Referees: Stark and Stefan (ROM).

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