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Minimum done in Poland (26-33)

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20.11.2010 16:33

Minimum done in Poland (26-33)

Llorenç Tarrés

Barça Borges easily won at Vive Targi Kielce in the Champions League. With Wednesday’s game with Ciudad Real on their minds, they took things as gently as they could.

With some tough fixtures to come in the Asobal and in Europe, Barça seemed more intent on maintaining fitness on their trip to Poland. Saric, Rutenka, Dani Sarmiento and Juanín were all rested while Iker Romero score the most goals in one game so far this season, 11, and Sjöstrand made 21 saves.

Iker Romero opened this season’s Champions League account in the 45th second, and Barça led from there until the finish, and had soon stormed to a commanding 7-2 lead.

Barça Borges set the pace

barca_kielce.jpgBogdan Wenta was frustrated at the lack of efficiency of his players, as they made schoolboy errors in attack and were thwarted time and again by Sjöstrand. Vive Targi Kielce only scored four goals in the first quarter of an hour, and the real concern for Barça Borges was Víctor Tomás’
twisted ankle.

Entrerríos, with four goals in the first half, was stunning as were the ever-dangerous Iker and Igropulo, and even when the Poles got back to within four at 8-12, the difference was coolly extended again to 8-14.

Kielce outplayed

The home side were clearly no match for FCB, and only the odd incursion from Zaremba was doing anything of note for Kielce. Iker Romero had already scored seven by the break, by which time Barça had mounted a comfortable lead (11-18).

The veteran Nat scored the first goal of the second half, but Barça Borges soon imposed their rhythm, and not even a 6-3 streak from Kielce could get them any closer than four at 17-21.

Barça shine

If there was ever any threat, the introduction of Noddesbo neutralised that, and the Barça defence dealt with most of the danger without too much trouble. The Polish champions looked exhausted by this stage, but soldiered on to at least keep the score respectable. It ended 26-33 and Barça have won two out of two so far in Europe.
Minimum done in Poland (26-33)

VT Kielce (11+15): Cleverly (Kotlinski, m.46); Kuchcznski (3), Jurasik (1), Grabarczyk (-), Rosinski (-), Juricek (1), Jachlewski (1), Stojkovic (5), Podsiadlo (1), Knudsen (1), Zaremba (6), Dzomba (2) and Nat (5).

FC Barcelona Borges (18+15): Sjostrand; Rocas (2), Nagy (1), Sorhaindo (3), Raúl Entrerríos (4), Iker Romero (11, 4p.), Ugalde (5), Jernemyr (-), Noddesbo (4), Igropulo (3) and Víctor Tomás (-).

Referees: M. Badura (SLK) and J.Ondogrecula (SLK)

Exclusions: Zaremba (min. 49) and Jurasik (min. 51) for Kielce and Noddesbo (min.54) for FCB Borges

Five minute periods: 2-3, 2-7, 4-8, 7-11, 11-15, 11-18 (half-time) 14-20, 16-21, 19-24, 20-28, 22-29 and 26-33 (final)

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