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Convincing Barça Borges (23-36)

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13.11.2010 19:53

Convincing Barça Borges (23-36)

Barça Borges put in a convincing performance at Alcobendas to run out 23-36 winners, with 11 goals from Rutenka and the reappearance of Victor Tomàs the high points for Xavi Pascual’s team.

It’s always a tough trip to ex-Barça man Rafa Guijosa’s Alcobendas, but this time, Barça Borges put in an excellent performance based on a strong defence (with Saric again on top form), and some potent attacking led by Rutenka whose 11 goals equals this season’s best by Juanin. The team remain unbeaten and lead the ASOBAL table.

Tight start

Both defences started on top with the scores at 1-1 after 5 minutes, but Barça’s attack soon began to click and the visitors were 3-6 up on 11 minutes, which three minutes later was stretched to 3-9 forcing Rafa Gujosa to call a time out.

Welcome back!

Sjostrand and Entrerríos were unavailable and Juanín’s absence was covered by Rocas who bagged four goals, but the best news was the reappearance of Sorhaindo, Iker Romero and Víctor Tomàs, who was back after a month out with a back injury. Milos Pesic kept the locals in the game and drew them back to 9-12 on 22 minutes, but with Saric again on top form, Barça went in 12-17 up at the break.

Barça stretch away

Both teams came out scoring after the break and at 17-24 on 40 minutes, Xavi Pascual decided to reinforce his defence and calm things down, which left the scores at 18-25 five minutes later. Barça began to stretch away as Alcobendas ran out of ideas and with 12 minutes left to play they were 10 points ahead.

Lead stretches out

Xavi Pascual used his bench well in the closing minutes and the team kept their shape and went even further ahead with Rutenka continuing to hammer in the goals. The team showed no mercy for their hosts and finished a full 13 goals up.
Convincing Barça Borges (23-36)

Castaño (1), Vink, González, De la Rubia (2), Slujters (2), Milos Pesic (6), Mijatovic (starting seven), Colon, Aldomar, Muñoz (1), Catalina (1), Tremps (4), Rados Pesic (3) and Dukic (3).

FCB Borges: Noddesbo (5), Sarmiento (2), Saric, Ugalde (2), Nagy (4), Rutenka (11), Rocas (4)(starting seven), Tomàs (1), Sorhaindo (1), Iker Romero (2), Jernemyr, Oneto (2), Pérez de Vargas and Igropulo (2).

Referees: Ion Bustamante and Javier Álvarez.

Scores (every five minutes): 2-1/ 3-5 / 5-9 / 9-12 / 10-14 / 12-17 (half time)/ 14-20 / 17-24 / 18-25 / 18-29 / 22-32 / 23-36 (final).

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