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No problems getting ninth victory (41-29)

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05.11.2010 21:58

No problems getting ninth victory (41-29)

Llorenç Tarrés

The Asobal resumed after the international break, and Barça Borges have lost none of their firepower. They eased past Port Sagunt to make it nine wins in a row.

The game was almost delayed because the visitors’ bus was involved in an accident on the way up from Valencia, although fortunately nobody was hurt and the game was able to commence as normal. That was the only shock on a day when all went to plan for Xavi Pascual.

This was a game when Barça could only afford to win, something that was never in doubt as they cruised to the win without barely breaking into a sweat.

Iker out

And that was despite the absence of the injured Víctor Tomàs and Sorhaindo, as expected, plus the last-minute withdrawal of Iker Romero. Unconcerned, Dani Sarmiento fired home the first goal and it was plain sailing from there. Barça Borges were soon 4-0 up, and Goran Dzokic, the perturbed visiting coach, had no choice but to call an early timeout.

They responded well, with a 0-4 streak to get back in the match, which switched from 8-2 to 8-6. It was Xavi Pascual’s turn to have a rethink, and his tactics paid off.

2010-11-05_FCB_BORGES_-_ALSER_BM_PUERTO_SAGUNTO_012.jpgMain Sagunto target man Bauer (just 1 goal) and playmaker Latorre were totally blocked out of the game, and Barça gradually expanded on their lead: 15-11, 19-12 then 23-15. The home side looked so relaxed that Saric conceded some goals he would surely have saved under more intense circumstances, and the 23-16 scoreline at the break could easily have been more imbalanced had Barça really wanted to punish their opponents.

Same story

The second half started with a 3-0 run to break the psychological barrier of ten points. Port Sagunt were now on a damage limitation exercise, but only Prce looked threatening, and it was only thanks to their keeper Ibáñez that they avoided humiliation. Fifteen minutes from the end, the difference was 13 goals (34-21); five minutes later it was 15 (40-25) and in the end they ‘only’ lost by 12.

Xavi Pascual even sent on young Álvaro Ruiz, who scored his first goal for the club, but was then sin-binned somewhat harshly. He is the one who will most remember this game that otherwise was nothing more than a routine win.
No problems getting ninth victory (41-29)

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