Barça Borges clinch pre-season title (38-31)

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29.08.2010 19:24

Barça Borges clinch pre-season title (38-31)

Llorenç Tarrés

Barça Borges have been crowned as champions of the Liga de los Pirineos after they beat Fraikin Granollers in Berga.

Xavi Pascual’s team could not have made a better start to their campaign as they lifted the pre-season trophy once again. Laszlo Nagy received his first piece of silverware as the side’s new captain while Johan Sjöstrand stood out in the Blaugrana goal.

Keeping guard

I 2010-08-29_FCB_BORGES_-_FRAIKIN_BM_GRANOLLERS_007.jpgn the encounter that saw Barça clinch the title they dominated for long periods with their goalkeeper leading by example and his confidence spreading to all the players. It did take a few minutes for Pascual’s outfit to find their feet after they went 0-3 behind, but four goals before the end of the first interval calmed any nerves.

Nagy, Rutyenka and Rocas all played their past as the Blaugrana netted four without reply as the game progressed to push their side into a 15-10 advantage. That was not extended further thanks to Granollers’ defence as they managed to repel various attacks from their opponents.

At half-time Granollers had pulled themselves to within a point of Barça, 18-17, despite Sjöstrand doing all that he could to keep the ball out of his net.

Moving clear

2010-08-29_FCB_BORGES_-_FRAIKIN_BM_GRANOLLERS_026.jpgAfter the restart Barça edged back into a three-point lead and that was enough as Granollers were unable to find a way to chalk up another run that would see them have a chance of winning. After a couple of good stops by the Barça keeper his team moved 28-23 clear and went on to increase that and win the game and the championship.
Barça Borges clinch pre-season title (38-31)
Match stats

FC Barcelona Borges (18+20):
Sjöstrand, Noddesbo (5), Juanín (5), Dani Sarmiento (2), Igropulo (2), Rutenka (7), Nagy (4) –starting team-, Víctor Tomás, Entrerríos (1), Sorhaindo (2), Ugalde, Iker Romero (4), Jernemyr (1), Rocas (4), Oneto (1), Saric.

Fraikin Granollers (17+14): Ohlander, Raigal (3), Ferrer (3), García (5), Puig (2), Svitlica (5), Nikcevic (5) – starting team -, Pujol (4), Del Arco , Blanxart, Malasinskas (2), Capdevila, Campos, Nenadic, Pérez, Resina (2), Manel Cirac.

Periods: 4-3, 9-7, 12-8, 14-10, 16-14, 18-17 (Half-time), 22-20, 26-23, 28-24, 29-26, 34-27, 38 -31 (final score)

Referees: Andreu Marín y Javier Pastor.

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