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A huge win (45-25)

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16.04.2011 19:00

A huge win (45-25)

Sònia de Alba

As expected, Barça Borges had no trouble overcoming Alcobendas to continue their good form and stay top of the Liga Asobal.

A huge win (45-25)


FC Barcelona Borges (22+23): Sjöstrand (Saric), García (8), Tomás (4), Entrerríos (3), Nagy (3), Rutenka (4), Oneto (6) –starting seven - Noddesbo (3), Sarmiento (1), Ugalde (3), Romero (3), Igropulo (5).

BM Alcobendas (10+15): Delgado (Donderis), Castaño (5), Prieto (2), González (-), de la Rubia (7), Selva (2), Kramarz (-) - starting seven - Viedma (1), Milasevic (-), Javier Muñoz (1), Catalina (3), Tejón (2), Rohaly (2).

Five-minute periods: 3-1, 6-3, 11-6, 13-7, 18-8, 22-10 (hal time), 26-11, 28-13, 32-16, 37-19, 40-22, 45-25 (final).

Referees: Fernández Fernández and Rodríguez Rodríguez.
Xavi Pascual’s 100th win as first team coach came against the club at the bottom of the table, a side that never looked like causing any danger to a Barça team that is well on course for another league title.

Serious start

2011-04-16_FCB_BORGES_-_BM_ALCOBENDAS_020.jpgThe home side wanted to get the job done quickly, and flew into a 6-1 had that had visiting coach Daniel Sánchez-Nieves calling for time out when the game was just 8 minutes old. But he could do nothing to contain an immense Juanín García first of all, and later Marco Oneto, while Alcobendas were making all kinds of mistakes in their own attacks.

The visitors did manage to claw back to 6-3, but nine saves from Sjöstrand kept them at bay as Barcelona piled up the goals to go 12 ahead by half time (22-12).

Great half for Saric

After the break, Bosnian Daniel Saric made his return from the injury sustained three weeks ago against Veszprém, and immediately excelled, with nine saves from open play as well as stopping penalties. Meanwhile, the goals were flying in at the other end, and Alcobendas did well to keep their heads up, knowing that winning this was a complete impossibility.

With Kramarz sin-binned, Barça Borges had soon cruised into a 20 point lead, which is how things ended, the biggest win of the 2010/11 Asobal season.

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